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На иностранных языках

Год написания: 2020

Автор: Декстер Эльнара

Literary agent (and inveterate singleton) Catherine Gainsborough had no plans to change her way of life. Until, that is, she met her former classmate Melanie at a literary conference.
Melanie, beaming with happiness, tells Catherine that she uses the services of an exclusive agency, which provides its clients with a partner to satisfy their every desire. At first, Catherine is outraged by the idea. Finally, however, curiosity prevails, and she accepts her friend's offer of membership in this mysterious organization.

Возрастные ограничения: 16+

Исполнитель: Amy Pieterse
Время звучания: 01 ч. 15 мин.

Дизайнер обложки: Виктория Дашкевич

Год написания: 2020

Автор: Декстер Эльнара

How much trouble and temptation has fate prepared for a young public-relations graduate in contemporary New York? For a woman who grew up in the sheltered environment of a religious family, surrounded by brothers and sisters? Becoming the personal PR manager of a world-famous rock star seems, at first, the high point of her ambition. And being the confidante of a man adored by millions is certainly flattering. But what price is she willing to pay?

Возрастные ограничения: 18+

Переводчик: Damon Hager
Исполнитель: Emma Sanderson
Время звучания: 07 ч. 40 мин.